Onto the 26th Chapter ✨

When I reflect on the past year and think about all my accomplishments and things I didn’t get around to doing, it’s so crazy how quickly time passes and how much can actually happen in a year. I’ve overcome obstacles and I’ve faced so many challenges which helped me learn so more much about myself. Although I have so much to work on, I can honestly say I’m proud of the place I am at because I am definitely not in the same place I was a year ago and that shows development, which is all I want to work towards (a better version of myself). I have tried to keep a positive attitude through-out the year and although there have been times when I fell off, I never stayed down, I got back up and carried on. I have learnt so much about people & relationships/friendships but it has helped me in so many ways that I am grateful for every single situation that I faced, even the bad because without these I would not be able to appreciate the good. As I approach my 26th Chapter in life I just want to keep working on myself to become the best version of me and continue to stay focused and motivated to ensure I have a successful future. I am so excited to see what this chapter brings.

Self development is a process, it’s not something that is going to happen overnight

Stay focused, stay motivated and keep the vision ✨

“Vision is what separates followers from leadersACTION without vision is only passing time, VISION without action is day dreaming But VISION with ACTION can change the world “ 🙌🏾✨- Nelson Mandela


Allowing others to interrupt your inner peace 🎎✨

In life I’ve realised no matter how much you do for a person or group of people, sometimes no matter what you do or the efforts you put in it is not enough. You can bend over backwards and give your all and that person can still not be satisfied. In situations like this I find myself getting very upset and annoyed, which then leads to thoughts whether I should have made these efforts or not & whether I would ever want to do something like that again. Today more than ever I have come to the realisation that you can not control others actions or feelings and just because one person (or maybe a group) treat you a certain way does not mean we as humans should start to treat everyone that way based on this one situation. Naturally we all get upset at things that we think we can’t control at times, when in reality, WE as individuals are in control of our own thoughts and feelings and rather than allowing people (regardless of who it is) to bring you down or make you question yourself, just look at the positive in the situation – knowing that you done a god deed should be more than enough for you too be content and have a peaceful mind because your intentions were good and that’s the main thing. I need to work on allowing people to get to me or even make me question my actions, in the future I will try and ignore these people or things and put my energy into bettering myself or my situation as this is the only thing I believe we should be focusing on. I recognise that I am a sensitive person and maybe you are too but all this energy wasted on people, we could definitely make a positive change towards our future. So I am going to use all these little tools to ensure I don’t allow people to interrupt my inner peace.


As we enter the New Year and I sit and evaluate all my experiences in 2017,I am so grateful for all of them whether they be good or bad as they have all taught me some valuable lessons and have made me a stronger person. I was able to achieve so many of my goals and learn so many new things about myself. I have accomplished things which I am so proud of and feel happy knowing I accomplished things I set out too. Over the past couple days I have been reflecting on life and how crazy it can be at times and life has shown me that putting in the work will bring positive changes but also bring you to where you want to be. Being consistent ad persistent are two major tools to being successful. 2017 was a year where I tried to stay positive & stay focused & I did most of the time, although along the way I faced tribulations, I was able to bounce back because I had put myself in that mind frame and I wouldn’t allow anything to bring me down. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog; “we need to face bad times to appreciate the good times “ & need to pay more attention to these good times and not just the bad. We are all only human so we will face situations at times that will knock us down or make us feel unmotivated but as long as we stay positive & focused then these situations are really nothing to worry about. The main thing I will be bringing into 2018 is a POSITIVE MINDSET because I believe that it’s the best thing to leading a happy and successful life. I hope this year is full of New goals, New achievements & More success for everyone.

Women Empowerment Evening

Over the weekend I attended a ‘Women Empowerment Evening’. To say the least this night was powerful in so many different ways. I walked away feeling so inspired to do better and be better. It was so beautiful to see a group of young women in one room and all have the same passions and motivations to want to be successful in life. It was also so beautiful to see how much we supported one another and how interested all of us were to learn a little bit about one another. The name of the Event was ‘Your one in a million’- I think the title speaks for itself because as women we need to remind ourselves how powerful we are and how precious and valued we are because No two are the same. Women often knock one another, or typically there is competition of who’s better or prettier or more successful and it’s evenings like this that are needed to remind women that we should stick together and support each other because WE ARE POWERFUL and together we can make major changes. It was so nice to hear and see people who want the same in life and see that they are willing to do whatever it takes to get there. The Evening was full of positive vibes and amazing energies. With more events like these maybe more women will want to support each other more rather than knocking each other down.

It is amazing the strengths we find as women because it can be so challenging at times, wether that being a mother, Business owner, a Entrepreneur or even a Student regardless of our ‘title’ or the job we have we are women first and from that alone we have strength… like I said in one my previous blogs about ‘Empowering one another’ it does not cost a thing and it’s one of the most rewarding things you can do.

So let’s all start trying to empower one another instead of tearing each other down!


Sometimes in life we often think that forgiving others is the answer to feeling better when in reality we need to first forgive OURSELVES. I have to question how we expect to forgive others if we haven’t forgiven ourselves for allowing situations to control how we feel or even allowing things or people to control how we act. For many years I have been angry and annoyed at situations and people that I have faced, but recently I have come to the realisation that I was more angry at myself than anyone or anything. Letting go is like setting yourself free and although sometimes you may feel like you shouldn’t be doing the forgiving, its definitely always the best option.

So many different friendships, relationships, situation-ships can leave us feeling angry, upset and negative, but if we was to use the same energy used to be angry as we did to forgive, I’m sure people would not be so bitter towards one another and people would be a lot more happier in life and it was only until I began to forgive those who have hurt me, when I started to see that this in fact a true statement. I realised I spent so many years being upset with so many different people about so many different things that I wasted so much energy & YES you may have days when you reflect and feelings may creep back but we just need to remember why we chose to forgive and how much of a better person forgiving will make us.

Forgiveness is not allowing someone to disrespect or hurt you intentionally, but its about being mature enough to see that situations cause people to act out sometimes or even completely change who they are, but we are not the ones to judge that, we have to just except and realise that things change and people change so instead of concentrating on what happened, we can focus on what will be and have a happier, more positive life.

Knowing what is good for your Soul ✨

A lot of the time we are put in situations to test us.. People are put in our lives as either a blessing or a lesson, but one thing we need to be aware of is other people’s purpose in our lives. People often stay in relationships or friendships because that is what they know and that is what they are comfortable with, but if it is not good for your soul then why would you stay in a situation like this?  Having patience and putting up with too much often get mistaken for one another, regardless of how anyone or anything has made you feel, if it does not add value, then why would you even waste your time and energy on something that is going to physically drain you- sooner or later. Nothing or no one should make you question whether you feel good or not. Sometimes it just takes a little soul searching to find out what you actually like and what makes you happy but it is all worth it in the end.. Do you want to lead a happy life with a clean, pure soul? Then do things to make YOU happy and focus on all the pisitivities in life – STAY TRUE TO YOU ✨

It’s Okay not to be Okay✨

I haven’t wrote a blog for a while because I have not been feeling myself lately and I needed me time to get back in a good head space. I have felt all over the place and this is due to ‘Life’s struggles’. Often we automatically shut off when things get too much for us or when we have a heavy work load or even just general stress- & it’s fine to do this as everyone needs to recoperate at times and get back in a good head space. As individuals we beat ourselves up for feeling down or feeling pressured but it’s actually okay to not be okay at times, as long as you pick yourself back up and get back on the right track then your good and you will be GOOD. We need to remember about balance as I have mentioned in a previous blog- without going through a struggle how will we appreciate the good times and the stress-free times. Everyone goes through things every single day wether it be big or small but what’s important is how you come back from that and how you choose to move forward. It is easy to give up, but it’s not easy to be strong when you feel low – but be your own superhero and overcome anything negative and you will find inner strength that you never even knew existed. Don’t focus on the bad, focus on the good and remember ‘It’s Okay not to be Okay at times’.