Blocking out my reality

I haven’t written a blog for a while, I don’t know wether the main reason would be blocking out my reality or just not wanting to approach tribulations but either one I have made sure that didn’t have to face them. In life I’ve learnt that when we are facing a problem or dealing with a negative situation, we tend to block it out and not deal with it and although it may seem a good idea at the time, it’s not and I have said this in previous blogs. For a while I haven’t been feeling myself because of things I am dealing with in my life and although I knew this and evaluated it, I did not face the problems, I blocked them out which didn’t help in anyway because sooner or later these problems need to be approached. I realised that blocking in my negative thoughts was just creating more negative situations because as you know our thoughts are what create our reality and sometimes when we are going through something we tend to use something to distract us from reality, which can also help at times but in the bigger picture, regardless how much we try to eliminate these thoughts sooner or later the situation needs to be dealt with because they start to change us as a person and for the last couple weeks I’ve noticed a change in my own behaviour, whether it be my attitude towards situations or my daily moods but I can definitely recognise a negative change because I’m allowing people and situations to interrupt my inner peace which is something I try to not allow to happen, I am only human so this may happen at times but recognising and rectifying sooner rather than later is always the best thing. As I said in my previous blogs remaining positive would always be the best option but let’s be real sometimes our minds tell us otherwise or we seem to latch onto negative situations and this is fine as long as we can notice the effects and rectify them, then we need to see these situations in life as a lesson and just apart of our growing process. I always beat myself up when I’m being negative or not thinking the best but at the end of the day I am only human and I not going to be happy 24/7 and as I always say ‘Without the bad we would not truly appreciate the good’. Everything I have been through whether that be good or bad has made me who I am today and regardless of any situation I face I will always remain true to myself and that’s the main thing.


That ‘Monday Morning Feeling’

Good Morning,

Today is the start of a new week, a chance to make new money and take on new challenges. Sometimes we are so caught up complaining about the first day of a new week, we forget to see the positive as this is a chance to start fresh. Set yourself new goals for the week or even the next month and work towards them, you will notice how good you feel and how organised you will start to become because you are working towards a deadline. As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, I often procrastinate when it comes to getting things done but just by having that discipline and staying focused you can slowly start to change your own behaviours. We are only human so sometimes naturally we are going to have that ‘Monday Morning Feeling’ and feel demotivated but it’s about training your mind too see the positive and to understand that this is a chance to start over. Appreciate all the challenges you face because every situation you go through is shaping you for your future and don’t feel pressured if your behaviours do not change right away (everyone is different), some people take longer than others but the main thing is you stay focused. I hope everyone has a Positive & Productive week 🌸✨

Discipline 💪🏾

Before I get into my blog, I would like to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the Beautiful Queens🌹✨ Today is about appreciating all the mothers (or female role models in your life) who work so hard and have helped you become the Strong, independent person you are today. So Just take some time out to tell them that they are appreciated ✨

Sometimes I find in life that although I know I have tasks to complete or things I need to be done, I procrastinate so much when it comes to doing them. I always find a reason to put it off or think to myself ‘I’ll do that later’. I realised that I need to be more disciplined with myself and my time in order to get things done quicker. I find that planning plays a big part in this. If you don’t not plan you just find yourself “going with the flow”which most of the time, leads to being demotivated. Even just jotting down what needs to be done can make a change but putting a time frame helps you gets tasks done in a more organised fashion and adds discipline to your life subconsciously. It is one of the most frustrating things, when you know you have something to do, but you continue to put it off which is what lead me to this initial thought today , i know I have my uni work to do and although I have been doing it, I know being more disciplined with my time will help me get it done so much quicker. So over the next term, I’m going to try and do at least an hours work before I go out everyday and I will see if there’s a change in my behaviours. We can’t expect change, if we are not willing to change our behaviours. So if your finding it hard to get things done or even just organise things, try and be a little bit more disciplined with yourself and your time.

I Hope everyone has a Lovely Mothers Day 🌹🌸✨

International Women’s Day 🌸✨

Good Afternoon. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’s DAY 💪🏾🌸✨.. Today is not about putting men down it’s about appreciating and celebrating our excellence as women. In a world full of negativity, it is so beautiful too see so many successful, positive female role models who strive for the best in life. Today is about recognising that everyone’s circumstance is different and no matter what, as females we uplift one another, not put each other down. As women we tend to forget about the struggles we faced years ago (even some today) in order to even have a voice or be heard, so today take a minute or two to really appreciate the women in your life who have influenced you positively. – I know I am so proud of all the females in my life who empower one another and always strive for the best. STAY AROUND POSITIVE FEMALES 🌸✨I hope everyone has had a positive day & remember to Empower fellow females, you never know how it could change their life✨ #MayWeKnowThem #MayWeBeThem #MayWeRaiseThem✨

Onto the 26th Chapter ✨

When I reflect on the past year and think about all my accomplishments and things I didn’t get around to doing, it’s so crazy how quickly time passes and how much can actually happen in a year. I’ve overcome obstacles and I’ve faced so many challenges which helped me learn so more much about myself. Although I have so much to work on, I can honestly say I’m proud of the place I am at because I am definitely not in the same place I was a year ago and that shows development, which is all I want to work towards (a better version of myself). I have tried to keep a positive attitude through-out the year and although there have been times when I fell off, I never stayed down, I got back up and carried on. I have learnt so much about people & relationships/friendships but it has helped me in so many ways that I am grateful for every single situation that I faced, even the bad because without these I would not be able to appreciate the good. As I approach my 26th Chapter in life I just want to keep working on myself to become the best version of me and continue to stay focused and motivated to ensure I have a successful future. I am so excited to see what this chapter brings.

Self development is a process, it’s not something that is going to happen overnight

Stay focused, stay motivated and keep the vision ✨

“Vision is what separates followers from leadersACTION without vision is only passing time, VISION without action is day dreaming But VISION with ACTION can change the world “ 🙌🏾✨- Nelson Mandela

Allowing others to interrupt your inner peace 🎎✨

In life I’ve realised no matter how much you do for a person or group of people, sometimes no matter what you do or the efforts you put in it is not enough. You can bend over backwards and give your all and that person can still not be satisfied. In situations like this I find myself getting very upset and annoyed, which then leads to thoughts whether I should have made these efforts or not & whether I would ever want to do something like that again. Today more than ever I have come to the realisation that you can not control others actions or feelings and just because one person (or maybe a group) treat you a certain way does not mean we as humans should start to treat everyone that way based on this one situation. Naturally we all get upset at things that we think we can’t control at times, when in reality, WE as individuals are in control of our own thoughts and feelings and rather than allowing people (regardless of who it is) to bring you down or make you question yourself, just look at the positive in the situation – knowing that you done a god deed should be more than enough for you too be content and have a peaceful mind because your intentions were good and that’s the main thing. I need to work on allowing people to get to me or even make me question my actions, in the future I will try and ignore these people or things and put my energy into bettering myself or my situation as this is the only thing I believe we should be focusing on. I recognise that I am a sensitive person and maybe you are too but all this energy wasted on people, we could definitely make a positive change towards our future. So I am going to use all these little tools to ensure I don’t allow people to interrupt my inner peace.


As we enter the New Year and I sit and evaluate all my experiences in 2017,I am so grateful for all of them whether they be good or bad as they have all taught me some valuable lessons and have made me a stronger person. I was able to achieve so many of my goals and learn so many new things about myself. I have accomplished things which I am so proud of and feel happy knowing I accomplished things I set out too. Over the past couple days I have been reflecting on life and how crazy it can be at times and life has shown me that putting in the work will bring positive changes but also bring you to where you want to be. Being consistent ad persistent are two major tools to being successful. 2017 was a year where I tried to stay positive & stay focused & I did most of the time, although along the way I faced tribulations, I was able to bounce back because I had put myself in that mind frame and I wouldn’t allow anything to bring me down. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog; “we need to face bad times to appreciate the good times “ & need to pay more attention to these good times and not just the bad. We are all only human so we will face situations at times that will knock us down or make us feel unmotivated but as long as we stay positive & focused then these situations are really nothing to worry about. The main thing I will be bringing into 2018 is a POSITIVE MINDSET because I believe that it’s the best thing to leading a happy and successful life. I hope this year is full of New goals, New achievements & More success for everyone.