How do you perceive loyalty? What does loyalty mean to you? In life we come across people and situations that will help us know how we trust or how loyal we/they are. You can give somebody the world, yet they would give you nothing. You can give somebody nothing and yet they would give you the world. Loyalty can come in so many different forms but it is always taken in one way. Your either loyal or your not.  Being loyal does not mean how you act in-front of me or how much you express your commitment to me as an individual, its knowing that no matter what whether in my presence or not, you will always have my back and act and say the exact same things you would do or say with me there. People get so comfortable and so used to a person being around or even just being there for them, their loyalty starts to fade and this all comes with ‘comfortability’.

So many people take LOYAL people for granted and yet they question why an individual chooses to change their attitude towards them. So many people think LOYAL people will always be around for them no matter, but are shocked when the person decides enough is enough. If you have a loyal person you take for granted, you need to ask yourself; What am I lacking as a person, that I feel the need to loose something or someone good? or even feel the need make someone question their own loyalty?

Why do people in life care more about how they look on social media or to random people rather than how they are perceived to the ones that really matter?  I will never understand this statement and I will fail to realise why people are more loyal to individuals they barely know, but have no problem showing no loyalty to the ones who have always been by their side. It really confuses me how we as humans process things at times.

Someones’s loyalty should not be questioned by what they tell you, but for what they show you when you are not around.




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