Acceptance can make a process of dealing with something you are facing so much easier. Whether that be grieving the loss of a loved one or even accepting you’ve lost something you treasured. Accepting it will not take the pain away but it will help you understand and appreciate what you are going through is a battle and with the right positive attitude you can overcome anything. Once you have understood and accepted this, you will begin to understand that what you are facing has been given to you to Mould you into the person you can and will be and we need to remember we are NEVER given anything we can not deal handle. Over the years I have found it hard myself to accept certain things I was faced with & I realised it just made the whole process so much worse as I was fighting myself and the truth, I noticed once I accepted things I could not change physically, I began to understand and appreciate these things as they were moulding me into the person I am today and for that I am very grateful. If we don not go through hardship, how will we ever accept the positive and good we receive in life? How will we know that that specific feeling is controlled by ourselves and ourselves only as ‘YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS. So next time you face something you think you can’t handle or get through. Remember, once we accept these things, everything will become a lot easier & we are NEVER given nothing we can not handle. 


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