Speaking out 

Sometimes what we feel on the inside is not entirely what we show on the outside. As humans we are so good at masking how we really feel and disguising true feelings we may be feeling. As I have gotten older I have realised that people find it easier to cover up how they are feeling, rather than expressing or sharing a problem with a friend or loved one and from this only comes more problems. We start to self harm in the sense we torture ourselves and we do not even realise it. Rather than express how we feel (which always helps sharing and discussing your problems) we as individuals would rather suffer in silence and makes the problem become more intense. I believe a lot of this has to do with pride and feeling ashamed, maybe I am wrong but I have evaluated these situations quite frequently recently and in most cases people are embarrassed or ashamed that they are the only ones feeling the way they are, when in reality, your neighbour, friend, cousin or sister is usually experiencing something very similar and from just sharing and discussing your problems, you could really be a shoulder to cry on for one another or even think of ways to deal with what you are feeling or facing at that specific time.  So the next time you feel down or just need to get something off your chest, remember to SPEAK OUT! 


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