Believe In Yourself 

Believe in yourself! Believe in yourself! Believe in yourself! 
Say it again if you have to. Make sure you feel and believe this. Make sure you agree with yourself. 
For so many years I have doubted myself and doubted what I am actually capable of. I knew where I wanted to be, I just did not know whether getting there was possible. I constantly would argue with myself about what I wanted and how I would get there. I started to take small steps to achieving my goals but I recognised I would always fall back for some reason or even just become disinterested at that point. As time went by I was constantly angry at myself, especially when I saw others accomplishing things and getting to where they needed to be but I always felt like I was in the same position & that was simply because I did not BELIEVE in myself. I was too busy believing everyone else could make it and not myself which was my biggest downfall. I constantly questioned myself, Constantly doubted and from this came nothing but disappointment. It was only until I discovered what I actually wanted to do, was when I actually believed in myself and believed I would make it in life. I realised that all the times before I was not doubting myself, I was actually doubting the specific thing I was doing was not for me & I was right because now I’m on a path that I know was destined for me and I do not have one shadow of doubt in my mind. 
So the next time you doubt yourself. Try to remember it most probably the situation you are in making you unsure. So do what makes you happy and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! 


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