Empowering One Another

Empowering One another does not cost a thing. Recently I have witnessed so many situations that have really made me question wether females have loyalty to one another these days and wether females really believe belittling or putting another female down is okay! Well let me just say it is not, and we as females need to stand together and show that we are powerful and we can empower each other. Ladies instead of being hateful, envious or jealous why not try and lift someone up or offer a helping hand, because we are stuck around such negativity in this world, people seem to only have negative things to say and do rather than trying to make a change and do positive things. Kicking someone when they are down is one of the worst things someone could actually do to a human, so the next time another female is down or worried or experiencing something that they may find difficult to deal with, instead of watching them struggle or laughing at their faults, think about how you would feel or what you you want in a time of need. 


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