Mothers Day🌸

Today is Mother’s Day & although I lost my mum 9 years ago, today always feels the same. As much as I am upset that I do not get to spend the day with my mum, I am also very happy that she is in a better place and at peace. 

Each year I have found new ways to deal with this and how to overcome the loss of my mum, which really wasn’t and still isn’t easy, but with the right frame of mind, things tend to become a lot easier. 

This year I decided rather than being upset, I will appreciate the day just like everyone else and appreciate that although my mum is not hear physically, she is here in spirit and I must continue to thank and praise her because she has taught me so much and showed me basic morals and influenced me so positively and for that I am more than grateful. 

It is very difficult at times to hide the pain and hurt you feel, but I believe if you accept and appreciate the situation, it becomes that little bit easier. 

There are so many people having to spend Mother’s Day alone or who have lost their mums. Sometimes a few words of encouragement is really what people want to hear, If you have lost your mum, then use today to appreciate the women who bought you into this world and show her the person you are becoming is credit to her. It is not always easy but it is  definitely POSSIBLE. 

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO EVERYONE & I hope all mothers are treated like the queens they are on this day 🌺💎✨🦋🌸


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