Never give up! 

Even though something seems so far and unreachable, the best thing possible for you to do is stick at it and NEVER GIVE UP…  Sometimes In life we were faced with situations that can make us feel this way, but why throw away an oppurtunuity that will benefit you in the future or add a positive change to your life. 

Today something did not go to plan for myself, now my first initial thought was to give up and leave it as it was, but I had to snap back into reality and remember all the work I had actually put in towards this. Giving up was the easy option and although I did not get the result I wanted, I know I have to keep going and keep pushing. 

Positive thinking, hard work & determination will get me where I need to be and help me achieve all my goals. 

So just remember the next time you get put off or feel like you want to give up, remember to focus on the end goal & that should be the motivation you need! 


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