YOU come first!

I have realised that mo matter how much you give a person or how much you try and be there for a person, if that person is not on the same page then that friendship/relationship/ situationship will never work. To say “give up”is a negative way to see things but putting energy into something that is not benefiting you is pointless and all that energy may aswell be used on bettering yourself or working on developing a better version of you. 

Why do we waste so much time on pointless things? But we continue to procrastinate when it comes to doing things for OURSELVES.    

Why do we feel the need to concentrate more on others rather than ourselves? 

concentrate on what YOU have to offer and not on what others have or want to achieve. 

Remember! YOU are number one & YOU matter first. So before anything else, make sure you INVEST time & energy into yourself!


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