Stay Positive! 

Hey guys, 

Lately I haven’t been feeling myself and although it may seem I’m okay to the world so many things have been bothering me lately. I’m not going to sit and list things but I will say these situations have made me see life in a whole new perspective. For ages I would question myself or question what is happening, but as I have mentioned in my previous blogs, “we have to accept what is happening to us at good or bad times”. Without the bad, how would we appreciate good? & without good how would we know what ‘bad’ really was? 

As you all know I like to stay positive and I am only human so days I do feel down and I don’t always think positively in the first instance, but I will always bring my thoughts back to positivity because that’s the only thing I want out of life – A Positive one! 

Sometimes it’s easy for others to assume everything is okay and everything is going so well, but if that’s what you portray, that is what will be perceived & that is the energy you will be attracting to yourself. So sometimes it’s best to put on that smile and keep moving, because the more we give time to negative energy, the more negative energy we attract.

Just stay focused and remember.. “Positive Thoughts, bring Positive outcomes”. 


3 thoughts on “Stay Positive! 

  1. latashamurphy says:

    Must be sisters intuition I had a feeling! Hope you’re alright now girl. I have them days often, it’s okay to not always be ok. As long as you can get back to yourself that’s the main thing and as you always say stay positive. Love the blog ✨😘😘

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