Use your time wisely⏱

Life is such a funny thing. You can be here one minute then you could be gone. As harsh as that sounds, its reality and the more people start understanding this, the more people would learn to appreciate every single day whether that be good or bad. We need to remember that ‘TIME WAITS FOR NOBODY’ and when it’s our time to go it’s our time to go! So why sit around and waste time when we realistically we do not know how much time we actually have. 
Do not get me wrong I’m guilty for this exact thing but lately I have been thinking and a close friend lost someone close to her and it really got me thinking about life and the time we have here and what we actually do with it. There’s no point saying “I’ll do that tomorrow” or “That can wait”, when we can do it now and make sure we enjoy and get the most out of every single day. Sometimes we get distracted or demotivated but it’s just about having the ability to say “I’m going to make the most out of today” and actually doing it. 

So even if you are tired or ‘can not be bothered’ to do something, just remember there is someone wishing they had the choice to make decisions to even get things done or even someone who is not with us anymore and would of love to do that exact thing and maybe we would appreciate the time we have a little more and stop wasting time! 


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