Self Love 

Self love is the best kind of love there is and although It took me a while to appreciate myself and accept all my flaws that I was not entirely happy with I can honestly say I am much happier now I have learned to love myself. Don’t get me wrong there are days when I still question things or still compare myself to others or situations they are in but it’s about erasing them thoughts and think about who you want to be as the best version of you. Self love does not mean looking in the mirror and saying “I’m pretty or “I look good” (although this helps) it’s about accepting and appreciating yourself regardless of any flaws. Knowing your self worth comes from ‘ self Love’ and I believe everyone who practices this will be in a much better and happier place. Don’t seek to others for love. Love yourself first because if you can not love yourself, how will anyone else love or appreciate you. I know at times everyone gets down and puts pressure on themselves to look better, feel better and be better but just remember that no-one is perfect and everyone is on different journeys in life so just except yourself and Love you for you! 


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