Offer a helping hand 🤝 

Growing up  my friends and family would come to me for advice quite often. Even if it was something they just needed an opinion on or just a simple question to be answered, I found that they would confide in me and its a good feeling knowing your opinion is valued. I recognised that even at my own times of need, I would put others before myself because naturally I like to help. Over the years I have come to realise how much I actually like to help people out, even in the smallest way, I will go out of my way to please and make others happy. For instance a colleague asked me yestarday to help with some marketing research, although I knew I was busy myself I said yes and I put myself if a situation where I had so much to do in so little time, but I continued and got the job done. Sometimes we don’t like to help others as we may deter away from what we are actually doing, but there’s always a way around it and wouldn’t you rather be on the ‘helpful’ side of the scale. 

Sometimes we think we don’t have enough time or not enough arms to do everything at once but we CAN and regardless wether it takes that ten minutes extra, atleast you can feel good about helping somebody out because there will come a day when you want help and the favour can be returned. 


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