Find a happy place ðŸŒ¸ðŸŒ¼

As I sit in my garden I can feel the warm summer breeze swaying around my entire body, I can hear the kids playing and the echoes of the ice-cream truck and it makes me reminisce about my childhood and how care and stress free things once were and as I sip ice cold water, I wonderWHAT IS LIFE? 

Life is supposed to be a making memories and building moments that will never leave you , devolving as a person to become the best version of you & enjoying life so you live with no regrets or wishes. Life is supposed to be happy and lately the world has given us so many reasons to be sad. So much horrible things happening in our world, so much violence and so much HATE. It really brings me down when every time I turn the television on or every time I’m scrolling on my phone 70% of what I see and hear is all negative and it saddens me to know this is the world we live in. That’s why we need to take it upon ourselves to try and make the world a better place, even through the smallest gestures the biggest difference could be made and just remember to appreciate and enjoy everyday that we have because life is too short.

I’m sure everyone wishes they could go back to the days of playing with their friends and ice-cream trucks but we can as adults have that we just need to find our new kind of happiness and care free place and take ourselves there on a regular basis, to block out any negativity that is going on.. Be Grateful.. Be Happy .. Be Positive 🌼🌸


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