Expectations 💭

Sometimes in life we expect people to give us what we have given them, we often expect the same in return & why shouldn’t we? If you go above and beyond for others, you automatically assume that this will be done for you! If you put others before yourself, you want to be put first too, but unfortunately this is not always the case and rather than having expectations and disappointing ourselves, we should not assume that because we may be a certain way or do certain things for people, the same may not always be returned to us and rather than expecting and being let down, understand that NO two people are the same and all of us do not have the same hearts. It’s not to say that people are “not nice” but it’s just realising that people are different and people see things from different views. I use to get really upset when someone did not do as I would do for them, and to be fair it just made me angry and annoyed (it can still happen today) but I just have to remind myself not to get frustrated at these situations and use them to make me a better person…. All in all, STOP having expectations and don’t change yourself according to others actions 💫


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