Expectations 💭

Sometimes in life we expect people to give us what we have given them, we often expect the same in return & why shouldn’t we? If you go above and beyond for others, you automatically assume that this will be done for you! If you put others before yourself, you want to be put first too, but unfortunately this is not always the case and rather than having expectations and disappointing ourselves, we should not assume that because we may be a certain way or do certain things for people, the same may not always be returned to us and rather than expecting and being let down, understand that NO two people are the same and all of us do not have the same hearts. It’s not to say that people are “not nice” but it’s just realising that people are different and people see things from different views. I use to get really upset when someone did not do as I would do for them, and to be fair it just made me angry and annoyed (it can still happen today) but I just have to remind myself not to get frustrated at these situations and use them to make me a better person…. All in all, STOP having expectations and don’t change yourself according to others actions 💫


Focus on the right thing 🔮💫

Sometimes in life we forget what is actually important and start focusing and putting our energies into things that will not benefit us. Our energy is so focused on the things we don’t have, we forget to appreciate and accept all the things we do. 

Instead of seeing the negative, focus on the positive and see how you can move forward to make the situation even better. Sometimes we may just need to have a talk with ourselves to realise how silly we can be at times, but hey we are all human and life is about learning and developing to become the best version of ourselves.  

So the next time you feel annoyed, angry or irritated, ask yourself – what is going good right now? & put all your focus on that. As humans we often like to make matters worse through our own thoughts and feelings and we often knock ourselves before praising ourselves. So just try and look at the bright side and focus on the GOOD not the BAD. 

Find a happy place 🌸🌼

As I sit in my garden I can feel the warm summer breeze swaying around my entire body, I can hear the kids playing and the echoes of the ice-cream truck and it makes me reminisce about my childhood and how care and stress free things once were and as I sip ice cold water, I wonderWHAT IS LIFE? 

Life is supposed to be a making memories and building moments that will never leave you , devolving as a person to become the best version of you & enjoying life so you live with no regrets or wishes. Life is supposed to be happy and lately the world has given us so many reasons to be sad. So much horrible things happening in our world, so much violence and so much HATE. It really brings me down when every time I turn the television on or every time I’m scrolling on my phone 70% of what I see and hear is all negative and it saddens me to know this is the world we live in. That’s why we need to take it upon ourselves to try and make the world a better place, even through the smallest gestures the biggest difference could be made and just remember to appreciate and enjoy everyday that we have because life is too short.

I’m sure everyone wishes they could go back to the days of playing with their friends and ice-cream trucks but we can as adults have that we just need to find our new kind of happiness and care free place and take ourselves there on a regular basis, to block out any negativity that is going on.. Be Grateful.. Be Happy .. Be Positive 🌼🌸

Offer a helping hand 🤝 

Growing up  my friends and family would come to me for advice quite often. Even if it was something they just needed an opinion on or just a simple question to be answered, I found that they would confide in me and its a good feeling knowing your opinion is valued. I recognised that even at my own times of need, I would put others before myself because naturally I like to help. Over the years I have come to realise how much I actually like to help people out, even in the smallest way, I will go out of my way to please and make others happy. For instance a colleague asked me yestarday to help with some marketing research, although I knew I was busy myself I said yes and I put myself if a situation where I had so much to do in so little time, but I continued and got the job done. Sometimes we don’t like to help others as we may deter away from what we are actually doing, but there’s always a way around it and wouldn’t you rather be on the ‘helpful’ side of the scale. 

Sometimes we think we don’t have enough time or not enough arms to do everything at once but we CAN and regardless wether it takes that ten minutes extra, atleast you can feel good about helping somebody out because there will come a day when you want help and the favour can be returned. 

Attraction 🔮🌎✨

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and let the universe work it’s magic. We don’t always get what we want in the right moment but we get what we have attracted to ourselves and that’s how powerful we are as individuals And how powerful our minds can be. Dont just think because you are in a bad place or not where you want to be then ‘Your at fault’ for bad things happening or your to blame for things going wrong because that’s just going to increase your chances of more negative situations  occuring, but use these to Mould you and prepare you for the next stage in your life because your probably going to need it (appreciate it is happening). If we constantly think bad, how do we expect good to come? If we always see the negative side, how do we expect to get a positive outcome? 

So just take a step back, think positive & let the universe do its work ✨

Persistence & Consistence ⚖️📝🔐

When I started uni, I would always doubt myself and doubt what I am capable of. I would always compare myself to others which had me always questioning everything I did. As someone who can be thrown of easily, it’s easier for me to want to give up, but I knew this would not be an option as I want to work hard to become successful and be brilliant at what I do. I also know knowledge is power and believe me I like learning- being persistent and consistent made such a difference and actually showed me how crucial this can be.. today I got my results and I am so happy and proud of myself, all that doubting and all that second guessing for what? I passed and I got some excellent feedback. 

When people tell you to be persistent or consistent it’s not something that looks good on a CV (although it can), it actually gives you positive outcomes and allows you to overcome fears..


If you fall, get back up ✨💪🏽🙏🏼🔮

I have not been feeling myself lately and I have been feeling more on the ‘downside’, there are so many reasons to be grateful and happy but It can just take one little thing to knock you off and make you feel unhappy again, It can take one comment to send your head into ‘overdrive’ and it can take one action to make you feel better. Sometimes we just have to allow situations to make us feel how they are making us feel in order to overcome and get stronger. I try to stay positive but I do have days when I feel down and not myself but it’s all about acceptance as I have spoke about in one of my previous blogs and appreciating the situation you are in, whether that be good or bad. When I feel like this I try to picture myself in a happier place and put my mind in a good space (easier said then done of course) but atleast then you still have an ounce of positivite energy manifesting, rather than pure negativity.. Always remember that we are only human and we can only deal with things according to how we feel, don’t beat yourself up or put yourself down if sometimes you don’t act accordingly or how ‘we should’ be acting, just make sure if your down, you get back up because “Failure lies not in falling down, failure lies in not getting up”.✨✨