Stay Positive! 

Hey guys, 

Lately I haven’t been feeling myself and although it may seem I’m okay to the world so many things have been bothering me lately. I’m not going to sit and list things but I will say these situations have made me see life in a whole new perspective. For ages I would question myself or question what is happening, but as I have mentioned in my previous blogs, “we have to accept what is happening to us at good or bad times”. Without the bad, how would we appreciate good? & without good how would we know what ‘bad’ really was? 

As you all know I like to stay positive and I am only human so days I do feel down and I don’t always think positively in the first instance, but I will always bring my thoughts back to positivity because that’s the only thing I want out of life – A Positive one! 

Sometimes it’s easy for others to assume everything is okay and everything is going so well, but if that’s what you portray, that is what will be perceived & that is the energy you will be attracting to yourself. So sometimes it’s best to put on that smile and keep moving, because the more we give time to negative energy, the more negative energy we attract.

Just stay focused and remember.. “Positive Thoughts, bring Positive outcomes”. 


YOU come first!

I have realised that mo matter how much you give a person or how much you try and be there for a person, if that person is not on the same page then that friendship/relationship/ situationship will never work. To say “give up”is a negative way to see things but putting energy into something that is not benefiting you is pointless and all that energy may aswell be used on bettering yourself or working on developing a better version of you. 

Why do we waste so much time on pointless things? But we continue to procrastinate when it comes to doing things for OURSELVES.    

Why do we feel the need to concentrate more on others rather than ourselves? 

concentrate on what YOU have to offer and not on what others have or want to achieve. 

Remember! YOU are number one & YOU matter first. So before anything else, make sure you INVEST time & energy into yourself!

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If You want to be happy, you will be! Everyone experiences sitituations that make it difficult at times but we need to remember WE are in control of our own feelings✨ Regardless of anything No-one can make us feel a way unless we allow them too 🦋✨ #HappyThursday

Never give up! 

Even though something seems so far and unreachable, the best thing possible for you to do is stick at it and NEVER GIVE UP…  Sometimes In life we were faced with situations that can make us feel this way, but why throw away an oppurtunuity that will benefit you in the future or add a positive change to your life. 

Today something did not go to plan for myself, now my first initial thought was to give up and leave it as it was, but I had to snap back into reality and remember all the work I had actually put in towards this. Giving up was the easy option and although I did not get the result I wanted, I know I have to keep going and keep pushing. 

Positive thinking, hard work & determination will get me where I need to be and help me achieve all my goals. 

So just remember the next time you get put off or feel like you want to give up, remember to focus on the end goal & that should be the motivation you need! 


You are beautiful. She is beautiful. We are beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own way & What really defines beauty anyway? 

Nowadays everyone’s perception of ‘beauty’ seems to be so different to what it was a few years ago. So many people are putting themselves down because they do not look like the typical ‘Social media’ type of girl, But who’s to say that this is the only beauty excepted and why do we allow ourselves and our minds to be controlled by other people’s perceptions. 

Everyone needs to appreciate theirselves and appreciate that everyone’s beauty comes in different ways. Just because you don’t have a face full of make up and a small waist does not mean you are any less beautiful. 

Remember if you do not appreciate yourself, who will? 

Even at times I put myself down and compare myself to everyone’s perceptions of ‘beautiful’, but I have to just remind myself that everyone is different and everyone is beautiful in their own way. 

How will you learn to love yourself if you constantly compare yourself to other people and constantly doubt what you already have. 

So regardless of your shape, size, height, shape of your nose, whether you have a tooth missing, just remember that everyone is BEAUTIFUL in their own way ✨💎

Know your worth 🦋

Sometimes we all need a little reminder that ‘WE ARE WORTH IT’ & we can not let anyone or anything make us think otherwise. 

If we allow ourselves to think any less of ourselves, what type of self control and self motivation is that? How do we expect anyone to show us our worth and know our worth if we do not know the answer to that question ourselves. 

We need to remember that as individuals we CAN be broken but WONT be broken. 

Live for yourself, do things to satisfy you.

Remember your worth & Remember to make No.1 (yourself) happy first.