Offer a helping hand 🤝 

Growing up  my friends and family would come to me for advice quite often. Even if it was something they just needed an opinion on or just a simple question to be answered, I found that they would confide in me and its a good feeling knowing your opinion is valued. I recognised that even at my own times of need, I would put others before myself because naturally I like to help. Over the years I have come to realise how much I actually like to help people out, even in the smallest way, I will go out of my way to please and make others happy. For instance a colleague asked me yestarday to help with some marketing research, although I knew I was busy myself I said yes and I put myself if a situation where I had so much to do in so little time, but I continued and got the job done. Sometimes we don’t like to help others as we may deter away from what we are actually doing, but there’s always a way around it and wouldn’t you rather be on the ‘helpful’ side of the scale. 

Sometimes we think we don’t have enough time or not enough arms to do everything at once but we CAN and regardless wether it takes that ten minutes extra, atleast you can feel good about helping somebody out because there will come a day when you want help and the favour can be returned. 


Attraction 🔮🌎✨

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and let the universe work it’s magic. We don’t always get what we want in the right moment but we get what we have attracted to ourselves and that’s how powerful we are as individuals And how powerful our minds can be. Dont just think because you are in a bad place or not where you want to be then ‘Your at fault’ for bad things happening or your to blame for things going wrong because that’s just going to increase your chances of more negative situations  occuring, but use these to Mould you and prepare you for the next stage in your life because your probably going to need it (appreciate it is happening). If we constantly think bad, how do we expect good to come? If we always see the negative side, how do we expect to get a positive outcome? 

So just take a step back, think positive & let the universe do its work ✨

Persistence & Consistence ⚖️📝🔐

When I started uni, I would always doubt myself and doubt what I am capable of. I would always compare myself to others which had me always questioning everything I did. As someone who can be thrown of easily, it’s easier for me to want to give up, but I knew this would not be an option as I want to work hard to become successful and be brilliant at what I do. I also know knowledge is power and believe me I like learning- being persistent and consistent made such a difference and actually showed me how crucial this can be.. today I got my results and I am so happy and proud of myself, all that doubting and all that second guessing for what? I passed and I got some excellent feedback. 

When people tell you to be persistent or consistent it’s not something that looks good on a CV (although it can), it actually gives you positive outcomes and allows you to overcome fears..


If you fall, get back up ✨💪🏽🙏🏼🔮

I have not been feeling myself lately and I have been feeling more on the ‘downside’, there are so many reasons to be grateful and happy but It can just take one little thing to knock you off and make you feel unhappy again, It can take one comment to send your head into ‘overdrive’ and it can take one action to make you feel better. Sometimes we just have to allow situations to make us feel how they are making us feel in order to overcome and get stronger. I try to stay positive but I do have days when I feel down and not myself but it’s all about acceptance as I have spoke about in one of my previous blogs and appreciating the situation you are in, whether that be good or bad. When I feel like this I try to picture myself in a happier place and put my mind in a good space (easier said then done of course) but atleast then you still have an ounce of positivite energy manifesting, rather than pure negativity.. Always remember that we are only human and we can only deal with things according to how we feel, don’t beat yourself up or put yourself down if sometimes you don’t act accordingly or how ‘we should’ be acting, just make sure if your down, you get back up because “Failure lies not in falling down, failure lies in not getting up”.✨✨

Have a balance 

In life there needs to be a balance and that is in every situation. If you want to eat a lot of foods that are not good for you, then you need to make sure you are eating a lot of healthy foods as well to balance it out or even if you drink a lot of alcohol when you meet up with friends for occasions then you need to make sure your drinking water to cleanse yourself and to have that balance. Doing too much of anything isn’t good, even the things we think are ‘good for us’. For instance drinking too much water can drown your brain, although water is actually something we need, too much can be bad. If you are someone who likes to go out and have fun with your friends, that is completely fine as long as it does not interrupt or interfere with work or studies, then go ahead and party just have that balance (You cant have all play & no work). If you love to spend money (Like myself),then make sure your saving as well as spending because again there needs to be a balance, that means maybe not spend as much and budget yourself- say “I will save this much & spend this much” and you will see a change.  So sometimes it is not about cutting things out, it’s simply about having that BALANCE! 

Self Love 

Self love is the best kind of love there is and although It took me a while to appreciate myself and accept all my flaws that I was not entirely happy with I can honestly say I am much happier now I have learned to love myself. Don’t get me wrong there are days when I still question things or still compare myself to others or situations they are in but it’s about erasing them thoughts and think about who you want to be as the best version of you. Self love does not mean looking in the mirror and saying “I’m pretty or “I look good” (although this helps) it’s about accepting and appreciating yourself regardless of any flaws. Knowing your self worth comes from ‘ self Love’ and I believe everyone who practices this will be in a much better and happier place. Don’t seek to others for love. Love yourself first because if you can not love yourself, how will anyone else love or appreciate you. I know at times everyone gets down and puts pressure on themselves to look better, feel better and be better but just remember that no-one is perfect and everyone is on different journeys in life so just except yourself and Love you for you! 

Use your time wisely⏱

Life is such a funny thing. You can be here one minute then you could be gone. As harsh as that sounds, its reality and the more people start understanding this, the more people would learn to appreciate every single day whether that be good or bad. We need to remember that ‘TIME WAITS FOR NOBODY’ and when it’s our time to go it’s our time to go! So why sit around and waste time when we realistically we do not know how much time we actually have. 
Do not get me wrong I’m guilty for this exact thing but lately I have been thinking and a close friend lost someone close to her and it really got me thinking about life and the time we have here and what we actually do with it. There’s no point saying “I’ll do that tomorrow” or “That can wait”, when we can do it now and make sure we enjoy and get the most out of every single day. Sometimes we get distracted or demotivated but it’s just about having the ability to say “I’m going to make the most out of today” and actually doing it. 

So even if you are tired or ‘can not be bothered’ to do something, just remember there is someone wishing they had the choice to make decisions to even get things done or even someone who is not with us anymore and would of love to do that exact thing and maybe we would appreciate the time we have a little more and stop wasting time!