Planning Things Out

Everyday is a new day to start fresh and take on a new challenge or maybe even face challenges that you may not have faced yet. Planning things out will always be a required tool to achieving a goal and making sure the correct steps are taken in order to get where you want to be. I always find myself procrastinating about situations and often find myself putting things off. I have sat and evaluated these times and I have come to realise that this type of outcome always occurs when I have not pre-planned and have not thought out what I actually want to do. In every situation planning is required, even going to the Supermarket; you plan your process, you do not just float and go with the flow, You know you need to get dressed and get your shopping list, drive your car and go to the supermarket. Just by simple planning things seem to work on your side and it is the same for everyday life and planning for our futures. We know as individuals where we want to go and what we want to achieve, but yet we fail the simple process of planning, which then causes things to not steer in the direction we expected or not work in the time frame we had planned for. Without planning we do not work towards achieving something in a certain time, so there is no rush or hurry to get things done, IT JUST HAPPENS WHEN IT HAPPENS.

Negative People

Have you ever been around such a negative force that it actually drains the life out of you? Recently I have been in so many situations where my positive attitude has been tested and the question was whether I was going to allow this negativity to steer me in the wrong direction. Sometimes you have to actually sit back and think, Is this worth it? Are they worth it?. The answer is simple. NO. Under no circumstance should you allow yourself to stoop to others peoples levels because of their own faults and insecurities. I am one person who has given a negative reaction, but where did that get me? No where and in the end I was the one left feeling hurt, disappointed and challenged which were not good feelings. These type of people feed of your positivity and will do anything in their stride to knock you down, but do not fall, do not even retaliate, This is what they want and this type of reaction is exactly what they feed off. The next time somebody wants to be negative in any form of way, give them back nothing but positivity, (I am still learning myself how to do this at times), but I promise you one thing, I have done it and it works and you will feel so good within yourself, because we were not put on this earth too feed people and their negative energy’s.


Have you ever sat and wondered, why you were put on this Earth? What is your purpose? because everybody has one. What are you doing to make this world a better place?. For years I have battled with myself about who I really am, what I want to be and why I was actually put here. What is my purpose? Now whether I know the complete correct answer, I know one thing is for sure, one of my main missions was to impact people in a positive way.

For years friends and family have told me how positive I am and how much I have a positive impact on their lives when I am giving advice or offering a helping hand and for years I never payed attention to this, I never actually listened, which was one of my biggest downfalls. I was always someone who had so much to say in every situation, but I also realised I was someone who would always try and see the positive side from in everything. Getting older is about developing, transforming and creating a better version of you and I can honestly say I am more than thankful I realised one of my missions later on in life (being now) because I have so much more knowledge and so much more experiences to share with you. Without these situations I would not be able to and I probably would not be writing this blog today. So what is your purpose?

Everybody has a purpose in life, You just need to find yours and master it!

The Beginning

I decided to create this blog as I am someone who likes to express my feelings and thoughts from time to time, and I gathered this would be a perfect way to share everything with you guys. I am at a point in my life where I don’t want be nothing but positive and happy and there is so many challenges and struggles in everyday life that could really put someone in a bad place, I am someone who has experienced this first hand, but I also know with a little positivity and faith, you can overcome any situation in order to  be the BEST VERSION OF YOU.