Positive Thoughts Bring Positive Outcomes 

Sometimes in life when you are dealing with something that may be difficult to deal with, the answer is not always to get angry or upset but sometimes you just have to accept that you are going through that specific thing for a reason and just get on with it. I realise we spend so much time and energy on what we DON’T like in life and forget to concentrate and manifest what we actually do like. Regardless wether you are going through something, it is always a good idea to think positive to get a positive outcome and thinking negatively will only draw more negative situations to your life and believe me I have witnessed this first hand. 



It is never too late to make a change. Today is a new day, so make today count and strive for what you want in life. Sometimes situations and people hold us back from doing what we really want to do, you need to remember;  Who holds the key to your future? & Who is in control of your life? 


Believe In Yourself 

Believe in yourself! Believe in yourself! Believe in yourself! 
Say it again if you have to. Make sure you feel and believe this. Make sure you agree with yourself. 
For so many years I have doubted myself and doubted what I am actually capable of. I knew where I wanted to be, I just did not know whether getting there was possible. I constantly would argue with myself about what I wanted and how I would get there. I started to take small steps to achieving my goals but I recognised I would always fall back for some reason or even just become disinterested at that point. As time went by I was constantly angry at myself, especially when I saw others accomplishing things and getting to where they needed to be but I always felt like I was in the same position & that was simply because I did not BELIEVE in myself. I was too busy believing everyone else could make it and not myself which was my biggest downfall. I constantly questioned myself, Constantly doubted and from this came nothing but disappointment. It was only until I discovered what I actually wanted to do, was when I actually believed in myself and believed I would make it in life. I realised that all the times before I was not doubting myself, I was actually doubting the specific thing I was doing was not for me & I was right because now I’m on a path that I know was destined for me and I do not have one shadow of doubt in my mind. 
So the next time you doubt yourself. Try to remember it most probably the situation you are in making you unsure. So do what makes you happy and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! 

Speaking out 

Sometimes what we feel on the inside is not entirely what we show on the outside. As humans we are so good at masking how we really feel and disguising true feelings we may be feeling. As I have gotten older I have realised that people find it easier to cover up how they are feeling, rather than expressing or sharing a problem with a friend or loved one and from this only comes more problems. We start to self harm in the sense we torture ourselves and we do not even realise it. Rather than express how we feel (which always helps sharing and discussing your problems) we as individuals would rather suffer in silence and makes the problem become more intense. I believe a lot of this has to do with pride and feeling ashamed, maybe I am wrong but I have evaluated these situations quite frequently recently and in most cases people are embarrassed or ashamed that they are the only ones feeling the way they are, when in reality, your neighbour, friend, cousin or sister is usually experiencing something very similar and from just sharing and discussing your problems, you could really be a shoulder to cry on for one another or even think of ways to deal with what you are feeling or facing at that specific time.  So the next time you feel down or just need to get something off your chest, remember to SPEAK OUT! 


Acceptance can make a process of dealing with something you are facing so much easier. Whether that be grieving the loss of a loved one or even accepting you’ve lost something you treasured. Accepting it will not take the pain away but it will help you understand and appreciate what you are going through is a battle and with the right positive attitude you can overcome anything. Once you have understood and accepted this, you will begin to understand that what you are facing has been given to you to Mould you into the person you can and will be and we need to remember we are NEVER given anything we can not deal handle. Over the years I have found it hard myself to accept certain things I was faced with & I realised it just made the whole process so much worse as I was fighting myself and the truth, I noticed once I accepted things I could not change physically, I began to understand and appreciate these things as they were moulding me into the person I am today and for that I am very grateful. If we don not go through hardship, how will we ever accept the positive and good we receive in life? How will we know that that specific feeling is controlled by ourselves and ourselves only as ‘YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS. So next time you face something you think you can’t handle or get through. Remember, once we accept these things, everything will become a lot easier & we are NEVER given nothing we can not handle. 

Showing Gratitude

Showing gratitude is one of the most rewarding things I believe you can do. It could be being grateful for the littlest thing to the biggest thing and you will see more blessings come your way. Being grateful is not just saying ‘Thank-you’, it’s actually believing and feeling how grateful you are for something you have received. Every single day there is so much to be grateful for and as humans, we forget how important it is to be thankful and grateful for these things. It could even be finding something you lost or even arriving early for something, just by showing that little bit of gratitude could bring you more reasons to be thankful through-out the day and your life. Even something on the bigger scale like passing an exam or graduating, just being thankful for these things will bring you more blessings. I use to be a very ungrateful person, it was never intentional but I just did not realise how important it was to be thankful and show gratitude and I realised I wasn’t completely happy as a person. It was a very hollow feeling and I was constantly feeling like I wanted more. Now as I appreciate all the little things in life I realise how it can make a BIG difference.


How do you perceive loyalty? What does loyalty mean to you? In life we come across people and situations that will help us know how we trust or how loyal we/they are. You can give somebody the world, yet they would give you nothing. You can give somebody nothing and yet they would give you the world. Loyalty can come in so many different forms but it is always taken in one way. Your either loyal or your not.  Being loyal does not mean how you act in-front of me or how much you express your commitment to me as an individual, its knowing that no matter what whether in my presence or not, you will always have my back and act and say the exact same things you would do or say with me there. People get so comfortable and so used to a person being around or even just being there for them, their loyalty starts to fade and this all comes with ‘comfortability’.

So many people take LOYAL people for granted and yet they question why an individual chooses to change their attitude towards them. So many people think LOYAL people will always be around for them no matter, but are shocked when the person decides enough is enough. If you have a loyal person you take for granted, you need to ask yourself; What am I lacking as a person, that I feel the need to loose something or someone good? or even feel the need make someone question their own loyalty?

Why do people in life care more about how they look on social media or to random people rather than how they are perceived to the ones that really matter?  I will never understand this statement and I will fail to realise why people are more loyal to individuals they barely know, but have no problem showing no loyalty to the ones who have always been by their side. It really confuses me how we as humans process things at times.

Someones’s loyalty should not be questioned by what they tell you, but for what they show you when you are not around.