Have you ever sat and wondered, why you were put on this Earth? What is your purpose? because everybody has one. What are you doing to make this world a better place?. For years I have battled with myself about who I really am, what I want to be and why I was actually put here. What is my purpose? Now whether I know the complete correct answer, I know one thing is for sure, one of my main missions was to impact people in a positive way.

For years friends and family have told me how positive I am and how much I have a positive impact on their lives when I am giving advice or offering a helping hand and for years I never payed attention to this, I never actually listened, which was one of my biggest downfalls. I was always someone who had so much to say in every situation, but I also realised I was someone who would always try and see the positive side from in everything. Getting older is about developing, transforming and creating a better version of you and I can honestly say I am more than thankful I realised one of my missions later on in life (being now) because I have so much more knowledge and so much more experiences to share with you. Without these situations I would not be able to and I probably would not be writing this blog today. So what is your purpose?

Everybody has a purpose in life, You just need to find yours and master it!


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